New ChatGPT Immediate Engineering Approach: Program Simulation | by Giuseppe Scalamogna | Sep, 2023

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The world of immediate engineering is fascinating on varied ranges and there’s no scarcity of intelligent methods to nudge brokers like ChatGPT into producing particular sorts of responses. Strategies like Chain-of-Thought (CoT), Instruction-Based mostly, N-shot, Few-shot, and even methods like Flattery/Position Project are the inspiration behind libraries filled with prompts aiming to fulfill each want.

On this article, I’ll delve into a way that, so far as my analysis exhibits, is doubtlessly much less explored. Whereas I’ll tentatively label it as “new,” I’ll chorus from calling it “novel.” Given the blistering charge of innovation in immediate engineering and the benefit with which new strategies might be developed, it’s totally potential that this method would possibly exist already in some kind.

The essence of the approach goals to make ChatGPT function in a manner that simulates a program. A program, as we all know, contains a sequence of directions usually bundled into capabilities to carry out particular duties. In some methods, this method is an amalgam of Instruction-Based mostly and Position-Based mostly prompting strategies. However not like these approaches, it seeks to make the most of a repeatable and static framework of directions, permitting the output from one perform to tell one other and the whole lot of the interplay to remain inside the boundaries of this system. This modality ought to align properly with the prompt-completion mechanics in brokers like ChatGPT.

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For instance the approach, let’s specify the parameters for a mini-app inside ChatGPT4 designed to perform as an Interactive Innovator’s Workshop. Our mini-app will incorporate the next capabilities and options:

  1. Work on New Thought
  2. Broaden on Thought
  3. Summarize Thought
  4. Retrieve Concepts
  5. Proceed Engaged on Earlier Thought
  6. Token/”Reminiscence” Utilization Statistics

To be clear we is not going to be asking ChatGPT to code the mini-app in any particular programming language and we are going to replicate this in our program parameters.

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