5 Highest-paid Languages to Be taught This Yr

5 Highest-paid Languages to Learn This Year
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This 12 months’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey got here with surprises – loads has modified in a 12 months. It’s essential to suppose JavaScript or Python can be on the prime, however the rankings are primarily based on demand, not recognition. Firms are keen to pay extra for area of interest languages, and at present we will study all about them.



Medium Yearly Wage: $103,611

Zig is a programming language targeted on serving to builders construct dependable, environment friendly and reusable software program.

Zig goals to create strong software program that:

  • Works effectively in all conditions, even edge instances.
  • Performs effectively by utilizing system sources optimally.
  • Might be reused in several environments.
  • Stays maintainable over time. The code is obvious, so it’s simple to repair points later.

Zig balances high-level abstractions for productiveness with low-level management for optimum efficiency.




Create whats up.zig file with the whats up world code. 

const std = @import("std");

pub fn principal() !void {
    const stdout = std.io.getStdOut().author();
    attempt stdout.print("Hi there, {s}!n", .{"world"});


Run it within the terminal. 

$ zig build-exe whats up.zig
$ ./whats up
Hi there, world!


Learn the documentation to study extra about Zig Syntax and capabilities. 



Medium Yearly Wage: $99,492

Erlang is a programming language well-suited for constructing giant, distributed techniques that require excessive scalability, excessive availability, and quick efficiency. Ericsson initially designed Erlang within the mid-Eighties for constructing telecommunications techniques.

Erlang is a well-liked alternative for constructing mission-critical, tender real-time techniques in domains like telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, and instantaneous messaging, the place excessive availability, scalability, and responsiveness are important. Erlang’s runtime system gives built-in assist for the concurrency, distribution, and fault tolerance options that the language depends on.




% whats up world program

begin() -> 
   io:fwrite("Hi there, world!n").




Be taught the fundamental Erlang syntax on tutorialspoint.com.



Medium Yearly Wage: $99,311

F# is a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language designed for performance, interoperability and efficiency. Its principal targets are to assist builders write:

  • Succinct code:  It focuses on writing code that’s clear, concise and self-documenting by default.
  • Sturdy code: It makes use of highly effective sort suppliers and a sophisticated sort system to catch errors at compile-time.
  • Performant code: Beneath the hood, F# code compiles to environment friendly .NET IL or JavaScript.

F# runs on the .NET Framework and provides seamless interoperability with different .NET languages like C# whereas additionally permitting you to focus on net and cell via JavaScript compilation.

Key Function: 

  1. Minimal syntax makes code extra readable.
  2. Variables are immutable by default, decreasing bugs and making code simpler to cause about.
  3. The compiler infers sorts for many variables, decreasing boilerplate.
  4. Piping knowledge between capabilities reduces intermediate variables.
  5. Asynchronous workflows make scalable, asynchronous code pure to jot down.
  6. Highly effective sample matching on unions, tuples, arrays, strings and extra.
  7. Helps inheritance, interface implementation and encapsulation.
  8. Be taught extra options on the F# docs – get started, tutorials, reference.




Run the next command in terminal to create your app:

dotnet new console -lang F# -o MyApp -f net7.0


Navigate to the brand new listing


Edit Program.fs file.


Run the next command in terminal to run the app:



Medium Yearly Wage: $98,522

Ruby is an open-source, dynamic programming language that prioritizes productiveness and ease. It was created within the mid-Nineties by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto and has gained recognition for net improvement, scripting, and general-purpose programming.

Ruby’s elegant syntax is straightforward to learn and write, and its object-oriented nature permits for flexibility. It’s an interpreted language, which signifies that code will be executed immediately with out compilation, making improvement quicker. Ruby has a big and lively group of builders who contribute to its improvement, leading to a wealthy ecosystem of libraries and instruments.




Create a file whats up.rb and add the code.


Run the ruby file in terminal utilizing:



Hi there, world!Hi there, world!



Medium Yearly Wage: $96,381

Clojure is a programming language that mixes the benefit of use and interactivity of a scripting language with the effectivity and robustness of a compiled language. It’s particularly good at dealing with multithreaded programming and has easy accessibility to Java frameworks. Clojure is a dialect of Lisp and is predominantly a purposeful programming language. When a mutable state is required, it provides a software program transactional reminiscence system and reactive agent system.




Begin a Clojure REPL utilizing the clj command within the terminal, then paste the under code to see the output. 

(defn sum [numbers]
  (scale back + numbers))

(println (sum [1 2 3 4 5]))





In conclusion, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey has revealed that the demand for area of interest programming languages is on the rise, which is mirrored of their excessive pay scales. Whereas JavaScript and Python stay widespread, corporations are keen to take a position extra in builders who concentrate on much less mainstream languages. In consequence, it is value contemplating increasing your talent set to incorporate one of many 5 highest-paid languages of the 12 months, which embrace Zig, Erlang, F#, Clojure, and Ruby.

Moreover, it’s possible you’ll need to discover the highest 4 languages which have skilled a rise in salaries between 2022 and 2023.


5 Highest-paid Languages to Learn This Year
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