Posit AI Weblog: Introducing: The RStudio AI Weblog

Why the brand new title, RStudio AI Weblog? There’s a simple purpose. The
earlier title, “TensorFlow for R Weblog”, was a very good match for the content material
we lined up to now: technical or utilized features of performing deep
studying with TensorFlow and Keras. But, our workforce (the Multiverse Crew) is just not
working solely in these areas; as a substitute, enabling distributed computing from
R (sparklyr), integrating automated
machine studying workflows (mlflow), and
optimizing knowledge ingestion (pins) are
substantial features of what we do. We wish to have a platform we are able to use
to let you know about our work in these areas as nicely. Moreover, relating to the
hitherto dominant subject on this weblog, deep studying, we would additionally wish to
mirror about it in a much less technical method, focussing on impacts on
society, ethics, and even “simply” epistemic questions.

Consequently, we would have liked a brand new title, however why “AI”? Possibly “knowledge science” would work
as nicely – nonetheless, the science in knowledge science brings up connotations of ritual and
theoretic ambitions which we might fairly keep away from. As an alternative, AI seemed to be a extra rigorous
definition, understood as outlined in an article by Michael
. Jordan envisions AI as a
new engineering self-discipline that builds on present data about inference,
optimization, computation, and knowledge processing the best way that chemical engineering
and civil engineering constructed upon chemistry and physics, respectively.
Supplementing these constructing blocks (from arithmetic, statistics, laptop
science), the objective of this new self-discipline is to incorporate steerage from the social sciences
and the humanities.

By the best way, as of this writing, the Multiverse Crew consists of Daniel
, Sigrid
, Yitao
, and Javier
You’ll find us on Twitter beneath the
tag, or go by our new mlverse
YouTube. Thanks in your assist!


Textual content and figures are licensed beneath Artistic Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0. The figures which have been reused from different sources do not fall beneath this license and will be acknowledged by a word of their caption: “Determine from …”.


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