New and improved content material moderation tooling

To assist builders shield their purposes in opposition to doable misuse, we’re introducing the quicker and extra correct Moderation endpoint. This endpoint supplies OpenAI API builders with free entry to GPT-based classifiers that detect undesired content material—an occasion of using AI systems to help with human supervision of those techniques. Now we have additionally launched each a technical paper describing our methodology and the dataset used for analysis.

When given a textual content enter, the Moderation endpoint assesses whether or not the content material is sexual, hateful, violent, or promotes self-harm—content material prohibited by our content policy. The endpoint has been educated to be fast, correct, and to carry out robustly throughout a variety of purposes. Importantly, this reduces the probabilities of merchandise “saying” the mistaken factor, even when deployed to customers at-scale. As a consequence, AI can unlock advantages in delicate settings, like schooling, the place it couldn’t in any other case be used with confidence.

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