Unlocking creativity: How generative AI and Amazon SageMaker assist companies produce advert creatives for advertising campaigns with AWS

Promoting companies can use generative AI and text-to-image basis fashions to create progressive advert creatives and content material. On this submit, we exhibit how one can generate new photos from present base photos utilizing Amazon SageMaker, a completely managed service to construct, prepare, and deploy ML fashions for at scale. With this answer, companies massive and small can develop new advert creatives a lot sooner and at decrease price than ever earlier than. This lets you develop new customized advert artistic content material for your small business at low price and at a fast tempo.

Resolution overview

Take into account the next situation: a worldwide automotive firm wants new advertising materials generated for his or her new automobile design being launched and hires a artistic company that’s recognized for offering promoting options for purchasers with sturdy model fairness. The automobile producer is in search of low-cost advert creatives that show the mannequin in numerous areas, colours, views, and views whereas sustaining the model identification of the automobile producer. With the facility of state-of-the-art methods, the artistic company can assist their buyer through the use of generative AI fashions inside their safe AWS atmosphere.

The answer is developed with Generative AI and Textual content-to-Picture fashions in Amazon SageMaker. SageMaker is a completely managed machine studying (ML) service that that makes it easy to construct, prepare, and deploy ML fashions for any use case with absolutely managed infrastructure, instruments, and workflows. Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image basis mannequin from Stability AI that powers the picture era course of. Diffusers are pre-trained fashions that use Secure Diffusion to make use of an present picture to generate new photos based mostly on a immediate. Combining Secure Diffusion with Diffusers like ControlNet can take present brand-specific content material and develop beautiful variations of it. Key advantages of growing the answer inside AWS together with Amazon SageMaker are:

  • Privateness – Storing the information in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and utilizing SageMaker to host fashions permits you to adhere to safety greatest practices inside your AWS account whereas not exposing belongings publicly.
  • Scalability – The Secure Diffusion mannequin, when deployed as a SageMaker endpoint, brings scalability by permitting you to configure occasion sizes and variety of cases. SageMaker endpoints even have auto scaling options and are extremely obtainable.
  • Flexibility – When creating and deploying endpoints, SageMaker gives the flexibleness to decide on GPU occasion varieties. Additionally, cases behind SageMaker endpoints may be modified with minimal effort as enterprise wants change. AWS has additionally developed {hardware} and chips utilizing AWS Inferentia2 for prime efficiency on the lowest price for generative AI inference.
  • Fast innovation – Generative AI is a quickly evolving area with new approaches, and fashions are being continually developed and launched. Amazon SageMaker JumpStart repeatedly onboards new fashions together with basis fashions.
  • Finish-to-end integration – AWS permits you to combine the artistic course of with any AWS service and develop an end-to-end course of utilizing fine-grained entry management by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), notification by Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and postprocessing with the event-driven compute service AWS Lambda.
  • Distribution – When the brand new creatives are generated, AWS permits distributing the content material throughout world channels in a number of Areas utilizing Amazon CloudFront.

For this submit, we use the next GitHub sample, which makes use of Amazon SageMaker Studio with basis fashions (Secure Diffusion), prompts, laptop imaginative and prescient methods, and a SageMaker endpoint to generate new photos from present photos. The next diagram illustrates the answer structure.

The workflow accommodates the next steps:

  1. We retailer the present content material (photos, model kinds, and so forth) securely in S3 buckets.
  2. Inside SageMaker Studio notebooks, the unique picture information is reworked to pictures utilizing computer vision techniques, which preserves the form of the product (the automobile mannequin), removes colour and background, and generates monotone intermediate photos.
  3. The intermediate picture acts as a management picture for Secure Diffusion with ControlNet.
  4. We deploy a SageMaker endpoint with the Secure Diffusion text-to-image basis mannequin from SageMaker Jumpstart and ControlNet on a most popular GPU-based occasion measurement.
  5. Prompts describing new backgrounds and automobile colours together with the intermediate monotone picture are used to invoke the SageMaker endpoint, yielding new photos.
  6. New photos are saved in S3 buckets as they’re generated.

Deploy ControlNet on SageMaker endpoints

To deploy the mannequin to SageMaker endpoints, we should create a compressed file for every particular person method mannequin artifact together with the Secure Diffusion weights, inference script, and NVIDIA Triton config file.

Within the following code, we obtain the mannequin weights for the totally different ControlNet methods and Secure Diffusion 1.5 to the native listing as tar.gz recordsdata:

if ids =="runwayml/stable-diffusion-v1-5":
    snapshot_download(ids, local_dir=str(model_tar_dir), local_dir_use_symlinks=False,ignore_patterns=unwanted_files_sd)

elif ids =="lllyasviel/sd-controlnet-canny":
    snapshot_download(ids, local_dir=str(model_tar_dir), local_dir_use_symlinks=False)  

To create the mannequin pipeline, we outline an inference.py script that SageMaker real-time endpoints will use to load and host the Secure Diffusion and ControlNet tar.gz recordsdata. The next is a snippet from inference.py that reveals how the fashions are loaded and the way the Canny method is known as:

controlnet = ControlNetModel.from_pretrained(
        torch_dtype=torch.float16 if torch.cuda.is_available() else torch.float32)

pipe = StableDiffusionControlNetPipeline.from_pretrained(
        torch_dtype=torch.float16 if torch.cuda.is_available() else torch.float32)

# Outline method operate for Canny 
picture = cv2.Canny(picture, low_threshold, high_threshold)

We deploy the SageMaker endpoint with the required occasion measurement (GPU kind) from the mannequin URI:

huggingface_model = HuggingFaceModel(
        model_data=model_s3_uri,  # path to your skilled sagemaker mannequin
        function=function, # iam function with permissions to create an Endpoint  
        py_version="py39", # python model of the DLC  

# Deploy mannequin as SageMaker Endpoint
predictor = huggingface_model.deploy(

Generate new photos

Now that the endpoint is deployed on SageMaker endpoints, we will cross in our prompts and the unique picture we need to use as our baseline.

To outline the immediate, we create a optimistic immediate, p_p, for what we’re in search of within the new picture, and the unfavourable immediate, n_p, for what’s to be averted:

p_p="metallic orange coloured automobile, full automobile, color picture, outdoor in a nice panorama, sensible, top quality"

n_p="cropped, out of body, worst high quality, low high quality, jpeg artifacts, ugly, blurry, dangerous anatomy, dangerous proportions"

Lastly, we invoke our endpoint with the immediate and supply picture to generate our new picture:

        "image_uri":'s3://<bucker>/sportscar.jpeg', #present content material
        "scale": 0.5,
        "seed": 123, 

Completely different ControlNet methods

On this part, we examine the totally different ControlNet methods and their impact on the ensuing picture. We use the next authentic picture to generate new content material utilizing Secure Diffusion with Management-net in Amazon SageMaker.

The next desk reveals how the method output dictates what, from the unique picture, to deal with.

Approach Title Approach Sort Approach Output Immediate Secure Diffusion with ControlNet
canny A monochrome picture with white edges on a black background. metallic orange coloured automobile, full automobile, color picture, outdoor in a nice panorama, sensible, top quality
depth A grayscale picture with black representing deep areas and white representing shallow areas. metallic crimson coloured automobile, full automobile, color picture, outdoor in nice panorama on seashore, sensible, top quality
hed A monochrome picture with white tender edges on a black background. metallic white coloured automobile, full automobile, color picture, in a metropolis, at night time, sensible, top quality
scribble A hand-drawn monochrome picture with white outlines on a black background. metallic blue coloured automobile, just like authentic automobile, full automobile, color picture, outdoor, breath-taking view, sensible, top quality, totally different viewpoint

Clear up

After you generate new advert creatives with generative AI, clear up any assets that gained’t be used. Delete the information in Amazon S3 and cease any SageMaker Studio pocket book cases to not incur any additional expenses. Should you used SageMaker JumpStart to deploy Secure Diffusion as a SageMaker real-time endpoint, delete the endpoint both by the SageMaker console or SageMaker Studio.


On this submit, we used basis fashions on SageMaker to create new content material photos from present photos saved in Amazon S3. With these methods, advertising, commercial, and different artistic companies can use generative AI instruments to enhance their advert creatives course of. To dive deeper into the answer and code proven on this demo, take a look at the GitHub repo.

Additionally, consult with Amazon Bedrock to be used circumstances on generative AI, basis fashions, and text-to-image fashions.

In regards to the Authors

Sovik Kumar Nath is an AI/ML answer architect with AWS. He has in depth expertise designing end-to-end machine studying and enterprise analytics options in finance, operations, advertising, healthcare, provide chain administration, and IoT. Sovik has printed articles and holds a patent in ML mannequin monitoring. He has double masters levels from the College of South Florida, College of Fribourg, Switzerland, and a bachelors diploma from the Indian Institute of Know-how, Kharagpur. Outdoors of labor, Sovik enjoys touring, taking ferry rides, and watching motion pictures.

Sandeep Verma is a Sr. Prototyping Architect with AWS. He enjoys diving deep into buyer challenges and constructing prototypes for patrons to speed up innovation. He has a background in AI/ML, founding father of New Data, and usually enthusiastic about tech. In his free time, he loves touring and snowboarding along with his household.

Uchenna Egbe is an Affiliate Options Architect at AWS. He spends his free time researching about herbs, teas, superfoods, and find out how to incorporate them into his every day food regimen.

Mani Khanuja is an Synthetic Intelligence and Machine Studying Specialist SA at Amazon Internet Providers (AWS). She helps clients utilizing machine studying to resolve their enterprise challenges utilizing the AWS. She spends most of her time diving deep and educating clients on AI/ML initiatives associated to laptop imaginative and prescient, pure language processing, forecasting, ML on the edge, and extra. She is enthusiastic about ML at edge, due to this fact, she has created her personal lab with self-driving package and prototype manufacturing manufacturing line, the place she spend lot of her free time.

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